the sounders won 3-1 and advance and i’m just like

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Bad Moon Rising. (Taken with instagram)


Cat Stevens, Library Card Holder. (Taken with instagram)


Cat Stevens, Staring Contest Champion (Taken with instagram)


I had an excellent Christmas this year and I am still enjoying my tree and decorations. I had a few craft projects that kept me busy and I did a wee bit of baking. It is much harder to tell people what I “want” for Christmas now that I’m older because I have most everything I want that people would be willing to purchase and all that I want is practical stuff that people don’t want to get as a gift for someone. Gifts really are best for kids, but maybe that’s why gifts mean so much; when you find that right one it says, “Yes, I know you. I like you and I pay attention to you.”

I got these portraits of our cats this Christmas for Amber! She loves them and so do I, the cats could care less really. The portraits match their personalities perfectly too. Cat Stevens and Callie Lou will now be hanging proudly on our wall as well as any furniture they can sink their claws into.

Hoping that everyone had a great Holiday season!


The Swedish sisters behind First Aid Kit perform some songs from their upcoming album The Lion’s Roar one KCRW. Pretty sounds to delight your little ears. Keep a watch out for their new release in January.

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Willy Faulkner, getting it done under the sun; in more ways than one.

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Duane Hanson

Tourists II


Fiberglass and mixed media, with accessories, life size.

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When I started to write it was the ’70s and throughout that decade we didn’t have any problems with book challenges or censorship. It all started really in a big way in 1980 … It came with the election, the presidential election of 1980, and the next day, I’ve been told, the censors were crawling out of the woodwork and challenging, like it’s our turn now, and we’re going to say what we don’t want our children to read.

But I think it’s more than that. It’s what we don’t want our children to know, what we don’t want to talk to our children about; and if they read it, they’ll know it, or they’ll question it.


- Young adult lit author Judy Blume on the rise of censorship in school libraries over the last several decades. (via npr)

Judy Blume is so fantastic.

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This has been my weekend.

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    Purple Kool-Aid powder.